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Rosslyn Springs

The Challenges

Proposed Rosslyn Springs by Kengen SRBS Construction and completion of 17 town houses, comprising of 3 types, a club house, security and gate house together with all associated external works. The construction generally comprises of reinforced concrete foundations and frame super structure, masonry stone walls, solid suspended slabs, steel trusses, concrete louvers and steel casement windows. External wall finishes consists of horizontal recessing, cladding of columns with mazeras, plaster and paint. Floor finishes are high end granito and wood block tiles. Internal wall finishes are generally ceramic wall tiles, plaster and paint.

Project Description

Client : Kengen SRBS
Value : Over kshs 500 Million
Role In Contract : Prime Contractor
Other Charasteristics : N/A
Status : Complete
Built Up Area : 10,000 m2